Webinar: Digitization with your machines and the DMS

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When digitizing a traditional company, existing document management systems (DMS) such as DocuWare and customer relationship management systems (CRM) can usually be easily connected to existing machines, systems and devices for data exchange. Mobile apps can then form the bridges.

Case studies - Directly in the video

In our webinar, together with our partners from Schmidt+Berner, our CEO Hilmar Bunjes presented some case studies. Below the video there is content and jump labels for viewers in a hurry.

Workshop app for vehicle technicians

The example: A forklift truck manufacturer wants to customize a vehicle. The order from the DMS can be called up by the vehicle technician in the hall on a mobile app. They can accept the order, process it, enter information into the order manually or automatically via the app and complete it. All information can then be called up again in the DMS and the truck can be delivered.
Hilmar Bunjes -> explains exactly how this can work from minute 00:08.

Retrofitting: How we digitally retrofit existing machines

Regardless of whether devices are to be connected to a DMS that already have bus systems and can supply data, or whether existing machines need to be retrofitted with sensors: We are able to digitize almost any machine in any way. We like to use the Revolution Pi for this.
Our examples are about water supply and disposal, and an old paper machine from the 1960s.
How this works and which tools are used is explained -> from minute 10:53.

Individual workshop instead of webinar?

If you think that we can also support you in your company, please contact us. An individual solution is not always necessary, because we can already achieve a lot with our basic tools for digitization. We will be happy to work with you in a workshop to develop complex solutions that will significantly simplify and speed up your complex processes.

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