About Us - From Startup to Digitization Service Provider

erminas already has a long history behind it and has undergone strong development. Nevertheless, we are still far from the end of our journey. Learn more about us – the team for your digitization projects!

Hilmar Bunjes hält einen Vortrag auf einer Bühne

Our story

We love what we do.

And that is indeed not just something that is said. This is the principle with which the entire company works and also how erminas was founded over 17 years ago.

If you ask the two founders Yvette and Hilmar why they founded erminas, you’ll always get the same answer: “We wanted to start a company that we ourselves would like to work for.”

This seems to have worked quite well, as erminas now employs over 20 people who contribute their share to the company’s success day after day.

Innovationsdorf gesamt
Containerinsel in der hallig hanken in Oldenburg
Das erminas Team bei einem Marathon

The company has thus developed steadily in recent years. From small projects to the digitalisation of large machine parks.

The environment around us has also evolved. In the meantime, we became proud residents of Hallig Hanken in Oldenburg.

However, we are far from being at the end of the road, because as rapidly as the world is currently developing, we also have to constantly evolve.

Our mission

erminas is the team for your digitization projects with the goal of supporting you in tapping into your own wealth of data and making it usable. This results in the following mission statement:

“With passion and expertise, we develop customised, digital solutions for the future competitiveness of our customers.”

We support our mission by continuously adhering to our corporate values:

Community comes first at erminas. We believe, that true strength lies in teamwork and the ability to support each other and achieve great things together. As a team, we deliver remarkable results and share our successes with each other. Our cohesion and cooperative way of working are the cornerstone of our mutual success and growth.
Our guiding principles include responsibility and trust. On our journey together, we rely on trust as the foundation for our togetherness. Each of us has the responsibility to bring out the best in ourselves - driven by passion and commitment to the task. We take responsibility for our work and we are proud of everything we have created. Through a sense of responsibility and shared trust, we create an atmosphere in which innovation and progress can flourish.
Joy of discovery
Our joy of discovery is what drives us. We are curious by nature and strive to constantly learn, experience and thrive in a world full of technology. On this journey we know no hierarchies. We share our knowledge and passion in an environment of open collaboration. With playful seriousness, we explore creative ways to drive innovation. Our thirst for knowledge always keeps us in tune with the times and enables us to continuously open up new horizons.
Excellence is our benchmark. We have high standards for the quality of our work and do everything we can to surpass ourselves. Even though we celebrate successes, we do not rest on our laurels but work tirelessly to develop continuous improvements for our customers. Our dedication, knowledge and will to constantly evolve drive us to continue to grow. We pride ourselves on our ability to challenge ourselves and keep getting better - an effort that inspires us and helps us reach the pinnacle of our abilities.
Justice guides our actions. We are committed to fairness and transparency in all our relationships. Our commitment to justice is expressed in the fact that we see our customers as partners and never exploit them for our own gain. This is how we create partnerships based on trust and shared success. Our reliability is a commitment we take seriously because we stand by our words and actions. Through honest communication, we aim to avoid misunderstandings and establish clear connections.
We are all human beings. We recognize each person's expertise and create an environment based on fairness and respect. We are interested in each other, support each other and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual. In the conviction that cordiality and professionalism go hand in hand, we treat customers and employees with the same degree of appreciation. We are committed to not exploit our employees and to maintain a close relationship with customers and users. Our humanity drives our success - it inspires us to create a community where we grow and achieve great things together.

Great minds create great results

We are on fire for digitization and make sure that the spark is ignited.

The privacy of our employees is very important to us. For this reason, not all erminas employees are shown here.

Portrait von erminas CEO Hilmar Bunjes

Hilmar Bunjes

Founder, CTO

Portrait von erminas CTO Dr. Yvette Teiken auf einer Messe

Dr. Yvette Teiken

Founder, CTO

Porträt von Christopher Wennhold

Christopher Wennhold

Project Manager

Arne Stein Marketing Manager bei erminas

Arne Stein

Marketing Manager

Jonas Gerlach Developer bei erminas

Jonas Gerlach


Dr. Jonas Jacobi Developer bei erminas

Jonas Jacobi


Jonte, der erminas Bürohund


Work-Sleep Balance Manager

Tomasz Bujara, Auszubildender bei erminas
Sven Esters, Developer bei erminas
Nick Karcmarzyk, Developer bei erminas

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erminas is the team for your digitization projects! You want to get to know our team better or maybe even become part of the team? Would you like to find out more about our products and services or do you need more detailed information about how we work? Just contact us! We are happy to help you!