The digital upgrade for your plants

Most companies have a heterogeneous plant fleet with old and new equipment. In order to remain fit for the future and be able to use the economic opportunities of digitalisation, it is not necessary to replace the entire machine park: IIoT solutions by erminas provide efficient solutions for careful and sustainable digital modernisation.

Doppelbelichtung Fotografie einer Frau in Arbeitskleidung und eines Fabrikaußenbereichs

Industrial Internet of Things at a glance

Futuristische Technologie im Einzelhandelslager: Arbeiterin macht Inventur

erminas designs and develops industrial IoT and retrofit solutions for the upper midmarket.

To do this, we analyse analogue processes and find efficient digital solutions that also provide data that can lead to new insights and thus new business models.

No matter whether you are still looking for IIoT potential or already have a concrete task: With our broad technology and industry knowledge, we will find the optimal Industrial IoT solution for your company.

Futuristische Technologie im Einzelhandelslager: Arbeiterin macht Inventur
Mann in Arbeitskleidung reinigt einen Container mit Hochfruckreiniger

IIoT Use Case: HCCR GmbH

Mann in Arbeitskleidung reinigt einen Container mit Hochfruckreiniger

Find out how erminas is already shaping the industry of the future with IIoT solutions: Our use cases clearly show how you benefit directly from the digitalisation of your plants and machines.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about our Industrial IoT solutions? We will gladly try to provide you with information in advance. Maybe your question is already answered. Otherwise, you can of course contact us at any time.

What are the advantages of IIoT and retrofitting?

Our retrofit solutions put you in a position to gain data from your systems with economically sensible measures that provide you with new insights and efficient networking, for example in warehouse logistics.

New data sources
  • Obtain data via OPC-UA, MQTT, Modbus TCP from modern systems (e.g. Siemens S7)
  • Data from any industrial bus systems and interfaces (e.g. Profinet, Profibus, ModbusRTU, CANopen, EtherCAT, Powerlink, Serial)
  • Data from plants with PLC systems without external interfaces.

We provide you with a uniform, central basis for evaluating all the data that accumulates in the company from any source. Economically viable and efficient.

Which sensors do I need to digitise my machinery?

Highly efficient new sensors are coming onto the market every day. We closely monitor developments and analyse the benefits, efficiency and costs of the components.

To find the right sensor for your application, we analyse local conditions, possible interference factors, potential data acquisition sources and other factors. Our standardised procedure for this through requirements documentation, location analysis, sensor research, sensor analysis and sensor tests in our erminas IIoT laboratory saves time and takes us on the fastest path to the best solution for you without having to intervene in your production.

We find the right sensor, integrate it and, if required, one of our partner companies takes over the installation. We are also happy to help with negotiations with sensor suppliers. You then obtain the sensors directly from the manufacturer. Because we want you to get the solution that is best for you.

What data can I gain from IIoT solutions?

Almost everything in your company can be measured and converted into data that forms a basis for efficient process analysis. Our team of experienced data analysts combines data from sensors, databases and ERP systems to develop the data basis for future-proof corporate processes – and possible new business models. Data stocks are updated automatically, events are proactively recognised or predicted. Discover your data potential with us and use it for digital process optimisation.

What potential does the Industrial IoT offer?

1: Cross-manufacturer modular combination options

In the Industrial Internet of Things, people, equipment and software solutions of companies communicate with each other. Regardless of the manufacturer, everything can be combined with everything. PLCs, sensors, actuators, handhelds, smartphones and software solutions such as ERP, BDE or PSS. Industrial Internet of Things therefore does not mean that solutions also have to be connected to the Internet. It’s about the network technology that makes everything combinable. In this way, your systems can be controlled completely independently and safely.

IIoT Potential 2: Insights from data

A simple sensor that counts the number of pieces produced at a plant provides much more information in the IIoT. Together with order data from the ERP system, you receive production speed per grade, production capacity per grade, running time, downtimes and set-up times. You can receive notifications about events such as stoppages, completion or delays. For example, via a display on the machine, a smartphone, tablet or the PC at your desk.

IIoT Potential 3: Cloud

If it is an option for your company, secure transfer and consolidation of data in the cloud offers many advantages: you can view live data from all plants from anywhere in the world. Your IT department saves on the construction, operation and maintenance of highly available, secure hardware and software server infrastructure. Cloud services offer sophisticated algorithms that enable predictions based on your data (predictive maintenance, classification). It is also possible to make your data available to other systems (such as solutions within the company, at suppliers or customers) in this way.