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The erminas blog sees the light of day and this is our first blog post! Perhaps you already know erminas. You may also have stumbled across our website via a search query. No matter how you came to us, we are happy that you are here! You are probably asking yourself what you can expect from this blog. We would like to talk to you about this in this article.

About erminas

Let’s start with a brief introduction: erminas is a digitalization service provider and we develop software. erminas was founded in 2007 by Hilmar Bunjes and Dr. Yvette Teiken. Over the past 16 years, we have been able to build up a great deal of know-how and expertise, which we incorporate into our work on a daily basis.

Our core business relates to the development of mobile enterprise software solutions, which includes all our “classic” software projects, as well as the field of Industrial IoT. We design and develop industrial IoT and retrofit solutions for the upper midmarket. This means we analyze analog processes and find efficient digital solutions that deliver data and can thus lead to new insights and new business models.

Let’s take an elevator manufacturer as an illustration. Imagine you manage elevators for private homes and buildings. Can an elevator like this be intelligent in any way? Yes! Keyword: Predictive Maintenance! For example, the maintenance intervals for elevators can be shortened and digitized. Imagine that employees don’t have to go to the quarterly maintenance of the elevators, but simply receive a push notification on their smartphone about when, where and which elevator needs to be serviced. This saves time, costs and a lot of effort.

in addition, we have developed two software products ourselves: erPUB is a converter for plant and machine data to the OPC standard, enabling a bridge to be built from the lowest machine level (OT) to the highest IT level. The best thing about erPUB is that it is scalable, secure, flexible and can be integrated seamlessly into almost all existing networks. This makes it possible, for example, to obtain real data from your machines. This allows you to digitize your entire shopfloor.

Our second product goes by the name of erTRACE. erTRACE can be used to record the status of your machines and all programmable logic controllers. This gives you a digital twin of your systems. The data you collect through erTRACE enables you to carry out extensive integration, testing and debugging scenarios, all while your production is running and uninterrupted.

About the blog

All further information about erminas and our products can of course also be found on our website. But enough about us, let’s talk about our blog and what you can expect here.

Digitalization has become increasingly important in recent years, which is why we have also grown as a company. New employees always bring new personalities to a company, who bring a lot of know-how and their own expertise with them. We would like to share the knowledge that erminas has built up as a result with you and that is exactly why this blog exists.

For some, there may still be a big question mark over the world of digitalization. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to shed some light on these vast digital worlds (that’s where the name of the blog comes from).

Topics of the digital worlds

Now you have a rough idea of who we are and the purpose of this blog. But which topics are discussed here exactly?

As a digitalization service provider, there are of course a lot of buzzwords that we want to address and explain in this blog. This includes topics such as: Predictive maintenance, retrofitting, the Internet of Things, programming languages, interfaces, bus systems, IPCs, the cloud and countless other topics.

We would also like to use this platform to respond to news from the industry. Reports about AI, ChatGPT, virtual or augmented reality are currently coming thick and fast, and we would like to report on them here.

Last but not least, all the news about erminas and its employees is of course also part of the blog. We are also involved in various initiatives outside of our day-to-day work, such as the Hacker School, the Initiative Klischeefrei, Jugend hackt and Girl’s Day. We look forward to being able to talk about these topics here too.

So: look forward to our first real contribution. We look forward to seeing you here again!

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