Extended monitoring and integration with erPUB 2.2.0

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We are starting the new year with a bang and are pleased to announce the availability of erPUB 2.2.0 from January 2, 2023. This update brings enhanced monitoring capabilities, improved integration options and important bug fixes to increase the reliability and usability of our platform.

New features:

  • System parameter monitoring: erPUB now allows you to monitor critical system parameters such as CPU utilization and available memory so you can better manage your resources.
  • Config description endpoint: Get detailed information about the current configuration and version through a new endpoint to simplify system management.
  • MQTT Output Operator: Integrate erPUB seamlessly into your IoT and data streaming architectures with the new MQTT Output Operator.


  • Aggregated message metrics: The number of incoming and outgoing messages is now recorded in aggregated form to give you a better overview of the data flow.

Bug Fixes:

  • A bug that led to inaccurate log entries for Influx Output has been fixed.
  • The Docker image now integrates directories correctly, which simplifies the use of plugins and makes them more reliable.

With these improvements and new features, erPUB 2.2.0 underlines our commitment to providing a powerful, flexible and user-friendly platform for data processing and integration. We are convinced that these updates will help you to monitor and manage your systems more efficiently.

Discover the new possibilities with erPUB 2.2.0 and experience how our latest developments can support your data processing projects. Please contact us for further information.

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