Discover erPUB 2.3.0: Improved integration and increased performance

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We are pleased to announce the launch of erPUB 2.3.0 on April 20, 2023, another step forward in our ongoing effort to improve and simplify data processing and integration for our users. This update includes a number of new features, improvements and bug fixes aimed at further increasing the flexibility, efficiency and usability of erPUB.

New features:

  • Filter operator: You can now filter data more precisely by selecting values according to predicate logic.
  • OPC UA Input Operator: A specialized interface for the integration of OPC UA sources that simplifies the connection to industrial automation systems.
  • erPUB Sessionstore: Manage global variables more effectively with the new erPUB Sessionstore.
  • JSON-RPC Output Operator: Expand your options for interacting with JSON-RPC-enabled services.


  • Extended MQTT Operator functionality: The MQTT Operator now supports connections to AWS, which simplifies integration into the cloud.
  • YAML configuration support: Configuration files can now also be provided in YAML format for a more flexible and user-friendly configuration.
  • Optimized aggregation operator: Extended functions for the aggregation of maximum values, minimum values and average values.
  • Automatic start of the Docker container under Windows: The erPUB Docker container is now started automatically as a service under Windows.
  • Improved REST Output Operator: Messages are now buffered and resent in the event of transmission errors to increase reliability.

Bug Fixes:

  • The CustomAsyncOperator now correctly waits for the end of HTTP requests, which improves the stability and predictability of asynchronous operations.

With erPUB 2.3.0, we continue to focus on the needs of our users by offering robust, intuitive and flexible solutions for data processing and integration. We are convinced that these updates will offer significant added value for your projects and look forward to seeing how you use the new possibilities.

For detailed information about all the new features in erPUB 2.3.0, please contact us.

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