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  • erminas PAPr reel logistics

erminas PAPr
reel logistics

Production planning and warehouse logistics are topics that are becoming increasingly important in the paper processing industry. The raw material paper is a commodity that must be managed responsibly. Due to the limited availability, planning must be done sustainably. In addition, unnecessarily high stock levels increase costs.

Our intelligent erminas PAPr solution supports the paper processing industry in meeting these requirements. PAPr documents the flow of goods and provides a precise real-time inventory. Paper reels are not only recorded quickly and reliably upon delivery: At the machines, PAPr also records the consumed meters of a paper reel and reports them to the ERP system. This ensures foresighted and efficient warehouse logistics and planning reliability for production.


PAPr delivers accurate data on the reel inventory directly into your ERP system.

In plain sight

Always known how many running meters of which reel are left, independent of material and reel width.


PAPr supports the profitability of your company


The more precise the warehousing, the more sustainable the production can be planned.


PAPr has interfaces for Dynamics Nav, SAP and other ERP systems.


If desired, PAPr can be extended
for any ERP system. Talk to us.

Technical Backgrond

PAPr is a slim Industrial IoT solution for recording stock levels in the paper industry: a small control unit detects the reels and tracks the running meters. The controller secondarily works as the server on which the web-based solution runs. Quite small and quite smart. And ideal for digital retrofitting of existing systems.

PAPr monitors the entire life cycle of paper reels from advice of delivery, storage and partial consumption to complete consumption. The goods receipt is recorded via a tablet with a long range scanner on the fork lift truck. One scan is sufficient to post the reel and link it with the data from the electronic advice note. The machines can identify the reels via Bluetooth transmitters (BLE iBeacon) in the reels. Sensors precisely measure the consumption and assign them to the reels. PAPr is therefore indispensable for good production planning.

erminas PAPr is based on Bluetooth Low Energy for tracking the reels. The reels are reliably recognized on delivery, at the machines and in the warehouse. In addition, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be used for quick identification. No expensive special hardware is required.

Connectors to various ERP and logistics systems enable existing systems and production planning to be directly integrated. So you can get the most out of PAPr by getting real-time data right where you need it.

PAPr is an Industrial IoT solution and works browser-based. You receive your machine data in real time, securely and practically from anywhere (even on smartphones, tablets and PCs). No special client software is required on the touch screens on the machines.

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