erTRACE - the digital twin

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erTRACE records the status of your machines and your programmable logic controllers and thus becomes a digital twin of your systems. The collected data can be used for extensive integration, testing and debugging scenarios while your running production is not disturbed.

The advantages of erTRACE in your company

With erTRACE you can benefit from many advantages for your company. And the staff will also thank you for your commitment to erTRACE. After all, in noisy, hectic factory work environments, developers no longer have to linger but can access all information from their desks.

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Frequently asked questions

You have questions about erTRACE? We will gladly try to provide you with some information. Maybe your question is already answered. Otherwise, you can of course contact us at any time.

How does erTRACE work?

From the point of view of the Revolution Pi as a PLC (programmable logic controller), a plant consists of sensors and actuators, or rather the signals it receives from the plant and writes to its actuators. erTRACE is able to record and play back these signals. In this way, standard scenarios can be recorded and collected as well as tested through before the delivery of a new or changed programme. This enables tests with real data and thus allows agile software development with the Revolution Pi.

erTRACE can also run during production. If an error occurs, the recording can be used to reproduce the error in the development environment as often as desired and to be able to develop appropriate solution scenarios.

What are the advantages of erTRACE?

We know from practical experience that adjustments and troubleshooting on existing systems can be labour-intensive and costly. The problem is that in day-to-day businesses you cannot simply produce every situation and every condition of the plant for testing purposes. Instead, developers often have to wait hours and even days to be able to observe a certain event again in the daily business. This is time-consuming and was previously only possible on site.

With erTRACE, this is much easier. If one knows the time at which an error condition occurs, the developer downloads the recording of the relevant period and can test the programme with it as often as desired – comfortably at the desk and not on the shop floor or even outside in the field. This is a huge advantage, especially for the correction of rarely occurring errors.

How is erTRACE installed?

The installation of erTRACE is very simple. erTRACE runs on the Revolution Pi and monitors the input and output signals. This allows the system to make the recordings. The recordings are collected on the Revolution Pi or centrally and can be re-executed on the same or other Revolution Pi.

Where can I get an erTRACE licence?

To get a licence for erTRACE, write or call us. Our erTRACE software is available as a purchase or subscription licence.

You have a special use case? During a meeting we can take your requirements and customise erPUB for your use case.