• erminas erPLOY Deploying-Tool

erminas erPLOY Deployment Tool

With the deployment solution erPLOY, your software and updates can be distributed remotely and automatically to all your Revolution Pi systems with low effort and without anyone having to be on site. erPLOY is also responsible for the configuration of the individual systems. This minimizes the risk of errors that can occur during manual configuration and guarantees smooth operation.

erPLOY supports agile software development and enables the individual supply of different versions as required. Push or pull installations are possible locally in your corporate network or through an encrypted channel via the cloud.


For precise and tireless monotonous configuration and installation jobs


With erPLOY you can transfer individual software versions to tailor-made configured systems.


How much time do you need to manually distribute software to 24 Revolution Pis?


With erPLOY, you can distribute software quickly and still relax.


Thanks to erPLOY you and your team can develop in small fast release cycles.


Because the workload for frequent deployment is finally maintainable.


Which Pi, which software, in which version since when? erPLOY never forgets.


erPLOY keeps track of which version is running on which system. So you can’t lose track.

Technical Background

erPLOY packages your software and installs it on the Revolution Pi. At the same time, the systems are configured and services are restarted. erPLOY makes software rollouts significantly more efficient and reduces the susceptibility to errors that often occur in monotonous manual configuration and deployment processes.