erminas SmartAPI
for OpenText™ RQL

OpenText™ Website Management is an enterprise content management system whose user interface allows editors to create and maintain content on websites. Administrators can also set up page structures and change settings.

Our SmartAPI is a programming interface with which OpenText™ WSM can be conveniently remote controlled and extended. It allows you to extend both user interfaces with your own dialogs (plug-ins). It can also be used to create scripts to automate complex manual tasks of administrators.


Our erminas SmartAPI has been used and appreciated by well-known OpenText customers for years.


In addition, erminas SmartAPI almost completely covers the features of Open Text RQL.


SmartAPI runs lightning fast thanks to .NET, because native in IIS. No additional server or software is required.


Our SmartAPI is measurably faster than other solutions with, for example, PHP- or Java-based RQL interfaces.


No more fear of a new CMS version: with SmartAPI you never have to test all plugins again.


The unit tests of SmartAPI enable the reliable check of all plugins. Thanks to complete unit test coverage.


A competent user community helps with all questions, tasks and solutions concerning SmartAPI.

Google Groups

The Google Groups user community is experienced, active and helpful. There is a constant exchange among developers.

Technical Background

erminas SmartAPI provides a very comfortable, fully object-oriented and thoroughly tested library that is open to all developers for OpenText and RQL (RedDot Query Language). No expensive in-house developments are necessary anymore. A ready-made library can be used that works reliably.

erminas SmartAPI allows you to remote control the OpenText Website Management Server programmatically with .NET C# and to add input dialogs and plugins. From the automatic creation of page structures to the restructuring of entire website projects. SmartAPI is high-performance, mature and open source.
SmartAPI is the logical continuation of SmartEdit and SmartTree. SmartEdit allows comfortable editing, SmartTree the complete administration in the browser. With SmartAPI we offer a comfortable programming interface for the OpenText WSM Management Server.

The library is completely developed in C# / .NET and can be used either directly from the CMS as a plugin or from a .NET (Web) application. Thanks to .NET no technology break is necessary and the application can run natively directly in IIS without the need of an additional script interpreter.

 To start with SmartAPI, knowledge of .NET C# is a great advantage. For a quick start, watch the Getting Started video or one of the examples on the SmartAPI page.


Websites have to run. There is no time for weeks of waiting for solutions. In the very active Google Group SmartAPI developers meet and help each other. Here you usually get a prompt answer from the community.
If you need additional help or support, you can also get paid support from our SmartAPI development team. Please contact us. We are there for you.

 Here you can find the SmartAPI repository on GitHub. If you like, you are invited to participate actively in the development. Therefore the SmartAPI Repository is OpenSource.

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