Digitization for the paper processing industry

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When it everything goes digital, there`s no need for paper – that’s the first thought when it comes to digitization. But even if the digital transformation of analog processes can create efficient solutions, it can never completely replace paper: In the paper processing industry, for example in the packaging sector. In Germany alone, almost 12 million consignments were transported per delivery day last year – all packed in cardboard and paper.

Paper is a valuable commodity

Paper is therefore a valuable resource. And the paper processing industry has a great interest in using them optimally, wasting little and making warehousing as efficient as possible. This also requires well-coordinated machines. This offers extensive and long-term opportunities for digitization.

In the recently presented study “Digital Innovation in SMEs” by the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society and Sirius Minds, the example of BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH is presented, among others.

With its Industrial Internet of Things platform, the long-established manufacturer of corrugators has maintained and further consolidated its position as global market leader.

Best Case for customers

The customers of BHS Corrugated produce corrugated board on their machines. The IIoT platform created by the plant manufacturer was developed to collect and analyze data from these machines and feed the results back to the customer. In the cloud solution developed in-house, data streams of up to 3,000 values per system are stored with a latency of up to one second and processed using machine learning. The results are made available to customers for their process optimization, who can make better decisions to increase productivity based on this valuable information.

Visible success of these digitalization solutions

“We see the success of the project in the increasing customer demand for such solutions,” explains Chief Digital Officer Dr. Christian Schieder of BHS Corrugated in an interview with HIIG. “We have already reached the point where we can monetize our solution. That means it is commercially successful.”

Schieder particularly emphasizes that in the course of the project’s development, it has already become clear how many more services can be offered to customers as a result of the digitalization measure than had originally been the target focus. “We very quickly realized that we can offer the customer the most added value if we focus on their overall plant efficiency.”

Another positive side effect: “The biggest surprise was actually that we came up with completely new ideas for completely new business models during the course of the project.”

Interview with Dr. Christian Schieder in the video

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The big solution straight away or start small first?

Regardless of whether a company is planning a large-scale solution or wants to take small steps towards digitization, a product such as erminas PAPr for use in reel logistics can be part of a large-scale strategy in the reel and paper processing industry as well as a modular entry into digitalization.

With erminas PAPr, goods flows are documented and real-time stock levels can be displayed. From recording on delivery to documenting the running meters directly at the machine, the lifecycle of a paper roll is reported to the ERP system in real time.

This ensures forward-looking and efficient warehouse logistics and planning reliability for production.

The big solution straight away or start small first?

If you would like to find out more about this topic, need inspiration and advice for possible digital strategies or would like to develop a joint strategy in a workshop with stakeholders and digitization experts, please contact our Strategic Consulting Team. We support you from the initial ideas and work with you to implement efficient digitalization solutions over the long term. For a future-oriented digital transformation of your company

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