We are speaking the same language

Have no worries about digitalization: We are easing your entry with simple to use and understandable solutions. Even if complex processes are running in the background.

  • Communicating – We are in contact with your users.

  • Analysing – We are inspecting your processes.

  • Developing and Designing – We digitalize your analog processes.

We are staying in permanent contact over the whole developing phase. Like this everybody feels safe.

Developing Together

We are shaping us through open exchange and common goals, thats why hold regular meet-ups, public presentations, Hackathons and Hackdays both with colleagues and people from the outside: journalists, politicians or entrepreneurs, who are interested in the digital design of the future.

  • Listening – We want to learn, therefore we are listening. We really want to understand the needs of our clients and the community as a whole.

  • Debating – Digitalization is an upheaval, which offers opportunities, but also involves dangers. We are talking about it.

  • Learning and Teaching – We are learning constantly and spreading our knowledge. That’s how we are evolving together and doing good.

Digital transformation is a development phase in which we should stay in constant contact and talk to each other. Like this nobody is left behind and we can shape the accompanying social change together.

erminas Founder

Hilmar Bunjes and Dr. Yvette Teiken

Hilmar Bunjes
Hilmar BunjesCEO / Founder
Hilmar Bunjes likes small solutions with big impact, on which you can build in the future. He is aware of digitalization being an upheaval, which needs and values patience, sensitivity and flair.
Dr. Yvette Teiken
Dr. Yvette TeikenCTO / Co-Founder
Yvette Teiken favors diversity in her development team. She is aware of the strength of mixed teams of women, men, specialists and career changers because together they develop creative and pragmatic solutions.

Shape the future together with us.

We are a multidisciplinary team, focused on goal-oriented, sustainable and efficient digitalization
in the world.