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September 2019

Digitalization for the paper processing industry

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When the world goes digital, paper is against the wall - that's the first thought when it comes to digitalization. But even if the digital transformation of analog processes can create efficient solutions, it can never completely replace paper: In the paper processing industry, for example the packaging industry. In Germany alone, almost 12 million shipments were transported per delivery day last year - all packed in cardboard and paper. The resource paper is therefore a valuable resource. And the paper-processing industry has a great interest in making the best possible use of it, wasting as little as possible and [...]

Five steps to digital transformation – for decision makers!

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Many medium-sized and larger companies are hesitant to take the first steps towards digital transformation. Particularly in the case of established and well-running traditional companies, development can come to a stagnation: "Everything is going so well at the moment! Why should we change production now? Why do we have to start digitalization now?" Precisely when everything is going well is the best time to maintain the existing advantage over competitors in the market. The following five steps show you how to start. 1. In the beginning there is curiosity Everything is going well in your company: [...]

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