• Dr. Jonas Jacobi

erminas Support Services

We are at your side and won’t leave you alone: We provide tailor-made and needs-based support, by ticket system, by telephone or on your premises. From helpdesk for users to personal 3rd level support by our specialized development teams. For enterprise applications, retrofit and industrial IoT solutions.

You are already a user and need support now?
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For Users

First-level user support for efficient support

Easy Help Desk

With short waiting times and simple, intuitive ticket tools.

For IT-Teams

Professional Third-Level Support for professional IT teams

Professional Level

For a fast and effective solution of complex IT tasks.

Suitable Tools

For users we work with intuitively operable tools.

For every need

With professionals we work with tools for a complex but agile workflow.

Task Force

Something is not going well for you and you need support?

Task Force

We are your task force and always at your side. Inhouse or external.


As developers, we know how important good support is. No matter whether you are a user or an IT expert: We provide needs-based and professionally organized support. Fast, competent and from person to person.

Our first-level support is there for your users when they need it. If problems or questions arise in the daily handling of a software, we provide first aid and support the users immediately and directly when they cannot get on on their own. We use the clear and easy-to-use helpdesk platform so that users can address their concerns quickly and directly to the right contact person. He is not sitting in an Asian call center, but directly here with us in Lower Saxony. So you can be sure that fast and competent help is guaranteed directly from our specialist teams for your users.

In second-level support, the solutions for our first level are worked out. They also take care of installations, updates and maintenance of your systems.

If your IT team has trouble on site and doesn’t know what to do, then our specialized developers are there to support them professionally with their expertise. We use JIRA for systematic and clear communication between the expert teams for complex problem-solving paths in order to be able to work out and solve the problem in an organized and step-by-step manner. We respond to your enquiries quickly and effectively. And we always keep you up to date until the issue has been resolved satisfactorily for all parties involved. Because that is our claim.

Standardizations such as ITIL ensure quality, security, efficiency and transparency in service and support processes. erminas offers professional support with high standards.

Together we will discuss the scope of support, services, processes and response times you need for your systems. The results are recorded in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Reliable, measurable and transparent.

If required, we use a clear and easy-to-use ticket system for easy and efficient collaboration with users. This ensures intuitive problem reporting by the users. And for us it offers an effective and clear support processing.

We use the Atlassian Jira ticket system to collaborate with technically experienced development teams in complex work environments. Fully integrated with the Atlassian Confluence documentation solution and the Atlassian BitBucket code management system. This allows us to work agilely in direct exchange with your IT teams on site.