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Strategic Consulting

You know that you need to digititalize your business to stay fit for the future and develop new business models. But you don’t have the necessary know-how, the knowledge about the possibilities and ways of realization in your team. This is where we come in.

We at erminas have been dealing with automation and digititalization for decades and have already transformed many companies into the digital age. With the valuable experience we gathered we can advise you in a goal-oriented way and show you the different ways of digititalization. We recognize digititalization potentials that will surprise you. And we generate new business models that you may not have been able to come up with because of the lack of a technical background.

We are particularly specialized in retrofitting existing systems and converting analog to digital processes. If you want to digititalize your company efficiently and competitively, we can be your companions and scouts and develop strategies with you for a gentle and goal-oriented digital transformation. Bring us into the team.


We find your digital potentials


The potentials that lead to new business models.


We'll show you which technologies are for you.


And we clarify what is really important for your company.

Business Model

We develop new business models for you.

Digital Opportunities

Because digititalization can also be the beginning of something new.


We implement ideas we developed together.

Practical Foundation

As soon as you know what you want to do, we’ll help with the implementation.

Background and practical examples

Digitalization is a broad field. It started with the switch from typewriters to computers. And the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence is only the beginning. We show you all state-of-the-art possibilities and accompany you with foresight and always up-to-date know-how into the digitalized future.

Not all apps are the same. The scope of services and possible applications have to be balanced in order to find the right technologies and the right basis for a mobile solution. There are native apps, web apps and progressive apps, as well as hybrid apps, and they all have their strengths, which can be benefitial depending on the area of application. We help you to find an optimal solution for your enterprise and go along with you into the implementation.

In many companies, complex, time-consuming and error-prone paper processes are still holding up operations. A pile of paper accumulates that has to be sorted and filed after someone has typed it into a computer. Almost every paper process today can be mapped digitally, much more efficiently and easily and also supplemented with information and data that bring new business insights with it. We develop a concept with you and implement the process.

Information is currently hiding in your processes and in your plants that can be properly accessed. Retrofitting and Industrial IoT technologies allow you to harvest data whose analysis can turn your traditional company into a sustainable and far-sighted market leader. Because the digital potentials are often amazing and are only waiting to be discovered. Especially in times in which many jobs and branches of business are being lost due to digitalization, a new fresh view of analog processes can produce amazing new business models. And so digitalization can also offer completely new opportunities.

In order to be able to use sensors, actuators, beacons of all kinds, it is often necessary to adapt to the respective plant or environment. It may also be necessary to develop completely new devices, with new cases for practical and meaningful integration into your production. We also have many years of experience in this discipline. If required, we work together with industrial designers to develop a completely new, tailor-made device for your needs.