Our tools for your digital transformation

Our digitalization products are grounded in reality and are developed for the reality. Based on our long experience we have found pragmatic and efficient software solutions for deployment in the areas of Retrofitting, Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT and the digitalization of enterprises, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel on each new project.
Thus you directly benefit from our past experience and etablished tools, which form the foundation for your start into the digitalization. For example our software solutions support you with the integration and work of the Revolution Pi from Kunbus,

an industrial version of the single-board computer Raspberry Pi, which can used manifold in the Retrofitting and Industrial IoT as IIoT-Gateway. Our software solutions are managing the interaction of sensors, beacons and actors, providing control and overview, additionally a comfortable operation of the industrial controller, for example when upgrading or updating. Test scenarios can be simulated without stopping or interrupting the production, thanks to our developed solutions. Use the proven solutions and the experience of erminas to facilitate the digitalization of your company target-oriented and optimally.


Our industrial IoT suite erIQ is our multitool for your digital projects. Developed with experience and passion. To implement your projects fast and efficient.

Foundation and Tool

erIQ delivers components for prototyping and monitoring, for administration and encryption, for deployment and maintenance.


The monitoring solution for the Revolution Pi erMON enables you to monitor services and computers in the intranet and internet at any time.

Everything at a glance

Get information around the clock about network availability, ports, processes, services and status of Revolution Pi process image.


You have multiple Revolution Pi in the field and want to distribute software, without much hassle and manpower? erPLOY takes this over completely automated.

Bundle packages

With erPLOY you can easily distribute your software and updates without more ado, remotely and on all systems.


We revolutionize the reel management in paper and cardboard packaging production with our solution PAPr. Generalizes your view and increases your efficiency.

Keep rolling!

In the paper working industry it is for all most important to keep track of the stock and availability. Our solution helps you with the logistics.


erTRACE is the virtual twin of your SPS machines. He is available before development and changes in your production and saves expenses and time.

Virtual Twin

Reduce your downtimes of your production runs with tests and software adjustments through erTRACE. Now you can test your planned scenarios in beforehand virtually.


Developed by us, SmartAPI
is a proven API for RQL.
Expand OpenText™ WSM
with Plugins and automate
complex tasks.

The API for RQL

erminas SmartAPI, a comfortable and efficient programming interface, developed for the OpenText™ WSM Management Server.

Retrofitting, Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0

What does that mean?

Retrofitting, Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0 – digitalization, therefore the conversion from analog to digital and more efficient processes, has many names and approaches. The word “digitalization” is used today in all areas of life as a general term from the private Smart Home, via the introduction and use of digital processes in everyday public life, all the way up to the digital transformation of large enterprises from the old world.
And while “Industry 4.0” describes the major solutions of digital transformation in a whole sector, “Retrofitting” and “Industrial IoT”, the Industrial Internet of Things, target individual areas in industrial processes.

Those who want to cautiously digitalize processes in a traditional company, can mark the leap into a new era step by step with expandable and networkable IIoT solutions. Thanks to retrofitting, existing machines can also be digitalized retrospectively. Our products have been designed and developed precisely for this purpose: With our already developed tools we have the possibility to find digital solutions for the processes in your company quickly, comprehensibly and efficiently. To achieve this we rely on rapid prototyping, which enables a fast creation of models on the basis of which your individual solution can be developed. Together with you and your team.

Do you have any questions?

Simply contact us if you have any questions regarding our products. We will be happy to answer all your questions about technical details and the possible applications of our products.

Either call us: +49 441 2492870.

Or send an email to: info@erminas.com.

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