• erminas erTRACE Digital Twin

erminas erTRACE

erTRACE records the state of your machines and Revolution Pis and thus becomes the virtual twin of your plants. The real data collected enables extensive integration, test and debugging scenarios with new or adapted software at any speed. Your running production will not be disturbed or interrupted. This minimizes downtimes and saves considerable costs.

Developers do not have to spend time at the machines in a noisy and hectic working environment in the factory. Thanks to erTRACE you can work concentrated in your office at your own desk.

Everything keeps running

The production can continue during adjustments and does not have to be stopped.


and thus production losses are drastically reduced thanks to erTRACE.


such as travel expenses and waiting times in front of the facility, you can spare yourself, thanks to erTRACE.


can be remotely tested using real-time data before new software is deployed.


Thanks to erTRACE, programmers can concentrate on their work at the desk in the office.


Efficient and error-free work can be easier provided than between running machines.

Unit testing

with erTRACE it is also possible to simulate multiple systems in interaction.

Quality 4.0

In addition to unit tests, integration tests are powerful software development concepts.

Technical Background

erTRACE makes it possible to create virtual twins of the Revolution Pis with digital and analog signals without much effort. By recording real data, these can be used in development and testing environments.