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erminas erMON Monitoring Tool

Our monitoring solution erMON lets you monitor services and computers in the Intranet and Internet. Using erMON you also receive information about the network availability, ports, processes, services and states of your systems at any time.
erMON executes scripts in case of a relevant event and sends notifications by e-mail and SMS.


You always have an overview of the status and status of your site.


All data and information about your plants are clearly structured and presented.


erMON enables you to constantly monitor your equipment.


Notifications keep you up to date even when events occur.


With erMON you gain the security you need for your processes.


Because you’ll know immediately if something doesn’t go the way it should.

Technical background

erMON has proven itself for use in production environments, buildings and outdoors. With erMON you can record availability, states, services and faults of your Revolution Pis.

Our erMON software monitors network availability, ports, processes, services and states of your plant control system. The monitoring runs directly on the Kunbus Revolution Pi, the industrial version of the Raspberry Pi. In case of failures erMON can react with scripts and send warning messages e.g. via e-mail and SMS. erMON offers a comprehensive solution for a safe and stable operation of the plants on your shop floor, in control cabinets and in the field.

erMON is operated from a smartphone, tablet or PC via the browser. In the cloud version, it can be accessed securely and encrypted from anywhere. With the on-premise version, erMON runs locally installed within your corporate network.

Tip: Use the erMON dashboard website on a large display on the wall. So you always have an overview of the command centre for your systems.

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