July 2020

Roll-Out: RevPi Nodes on every Revolution Pi

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The Revolution Pi from Kunbus was launched in 2016 as the first truly industrial Raspberry Pi with IP20 protection level. From now on, every new Revolution Pi will be delivered directly with preinstalled RevPi nodes. It is a fully-fledged industrial PC and performs control and communication tasks in the industrial IoT sector: The Revolution Pi is an open source IPC that can be used with I/O modules and fieldbus gateways to connect to an industrial network. The modular and comparatively inexpensive industrial PC is housed in a slim DIN rail housing. Currently the basic modules Revolution Pi Connect/Connect+ are [...]

April 2020

Node-RED and RevPi Nodes: For small solutions and rapid prototyping

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The development tool Node-RED originally comes from the home automation and smart home segment and helps to connect devices and services in a simple and easy to understand way. However, in certain cases it is also used in practical applications for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). A small disgression. In order for services and devices to be coordinated, their states recorded and remotely controlled, we have to integrate and connect them with each other. In a sense, they must "talk" to each other, exchange information, so that they can also receive and execute commands remotely. In smart homes, for [...]

September 2019

Five possible applications for the Soft PLC Revolution Pi

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The Revolution Pi from Kunbus is a small industrial controller for DIN rails. With a whole range of IO and bus modules, the Revolution Pi - or RevPi for short - can communicate with all common analog and digital sensors, actuators and bus systems as well as with TCP-IP-based networks. The RevPi contains a Linux computer, which makes it an amazingly versatile problem solver. In contrast to the classic programmable logic controller (PLC), the Soft-PLC does not have a single software package for programming. The Revolution Pi can be programmed in basically any language: High level languages like C, [...]

Digitalization for the paper processing industry

2022-10-07T10:49:29+02:00By |

When the world goes digital, paper is against the wall - that's the first thought when it comes to digitalization. But even if the digital transformation of analog processes can create efficient solutions, it can never completely replace paper: In the paper processing industry, for example the packaging industry. In Germany alone, almost 12 million shipments were transported per delivery day last year - all packed in cardboard and paper. The resource paper is therefore a valuable resource. And the paper-processing industry has a great interest in making the best possible use of it, wasting as little as possible and [...]

Long story short

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