The Revolution Pi from Kunbus was launched in 2016 as the first truly industrial Raspberry Pi with IP20 protection level. From now on, every new Revolution Pi will be delivered directly with preinstalled RevPi nodes.

It is a fully-fledged industrial PC and performs control and communication tasks in the industrial IoT sector: The Revolution Pi is an open source IPC that can be used with I/O modules and fieldbus gateways to connect to an industrial network.

The modular and comparatively inexpensive industrial PC is housed in a slim DIN rail housing. Currently the basic modules Revolution Pi Connect/Connect+ are available as IIoT gateways and Revolution Pi Core/Core 3/Core 3+ as an Open Source IPC, which can be expanded as required with various analog IO, DIO, Con expansion modules and various gateways such as EtherNet, PowerLink and Profinet.

Thanks to its flexibility, it can be used for many application areas and is therefore a perfect tool for individual implementations in industrial IoT and automation projects.

Node-RED RevPi Nodes now comes preinstalled

Together with Kunbus, we have now developed the RevPi nodes for the Revolution Pi, which allow a seamless and easy access to the platform. In this way, your industrial IoT environment can be graphically mirrored and controlled.

The RevPi nodes are now preinstalled on every new Revolution Pi. This means that they can be used for every module provided by Kunbus via PiCtory directly after purchase.

Of course the Official Revolution Pi Nodes can also be used on the older RevPis. We explained in two video tutorials what you will have to consider for this. If you want to update many Revolution Pis with the RevPi Nodes, you can use our tool erPLOY.

RevPi Nodes Quick Start Guide

Step-by-Step Guide: Getting started with the Node-RED RevPi Nodes on the Revolution Pi.

Schritt 2 RevPi Nodes QuickstartOn tab SERVICES check Enable/Disable Node-RED and Enable/Disable Node-RED RevPi Nodes Server.

Node-RED startenStart Node-RED under the tab APPS.

Node-RED-Flow anlegenAdd a new flow by pressing the plus+ sign (Add flow).

Node-RED Single Input KnotenDrag and drop a single input node (under Revolution Pi) from the left node palette onto the workspace in the middle.

Node-RED Debug KnotenDrag and drop a debug node from the palette onto the workspace.

RevPi Nodes Single Input Knoten konfigurierenConfigure the single input node by double clicking it (set the local server and select the I_1 input).

RevPi Nodes Knoten verbindenConnect the output from your single input node with the input of your debug node. After deployment you can watch the values changing in the debug pane on the right panel.

Ready for take-off: With the RevPi Nodes on the Revolution Pi you get a quick start into the world of Soft PLC. More information and video tutorials can be found in our article Node-RED and the RevPi Nodes: For small solutions and rapid prototyping. If you have any questions regarding the RevPi Nodes, please contact our RevPi Nodes Support in the RevPi Nodes Forum at Kunbus.